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Hi, I'm the site Administrator, otherwise known as Chas. I hope you like the site, feel free to comment on anything, the more you tell us what you like or don't, the better. 

Melv Warner

February 09, 2019

Melvyn is a true local having been born in Long Crendon and currently living in Thame.

His musical tastes are wide and varied to say the least, ranging from Easy Listening to Rock, and from being involved with Crendon Folk Club to being a regular at Friars in the 70's and 80's. He has been a member of Crendon Morris since 1973, and in the early 80's was a member of the very successful 'Sticks & Bells' Folk/Rock review created by Steve Heap.

His career took him from Quality Engineering to a Plastic Moulding Technician, with a 30 year period in between running his own company selling, amongst other things, toilet rolls.

He has always wanted to be involved in radio, and has welcomed the opportunity given to him by Red Kite Radio.

 Melv sports shirt2 DSC 1953 Melv sports shirt2

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas, a series of twelve playlets written and performed by the Windmill Players of Brill.

These audio recordings were broadcast on Red Kite Radio from the 25th of December 2018 for the twelve days.

Recorded and Edited by Chris Long.

Please click the player under the title of each play.

The First Day - A Partridge in a Pear Tree, by Caroline Wiggins.

The Second Day - Two Turtle Doves, by Alexandra Howarth.

The Third Day - Three French Hens, by David Croydon.


The Fourth Day - Four Calling Birds, by Lydia Giles.

The Fifth Day - Five Gold Rings, by Fran Newman.

The Sixth Day - Six Geese a Laying, by Caroline Wiggins.

The Seventh Day - Seven Swans a Swimming, by Jan Molyneux.

The Eighth Day - Eight Maids a Milking, by Caroline Wiggins.

The Ninth Day - Nine Ladies Dancing, by Caroline Wiggins.


The Tenth Day - Ten Lords a Leaping, by Caroline Wiggins.

The Eleventh Day - Eleven Pipers Piping, by Andrew Whitaker.

The Twelveth Day - Twelve Drummers Drumming, by Fran Newman.

Poetic Beats

in Shows
February 04, 2019

Poetic Beats is a monthly show containing an eclectic mix of music, poetry and a focus on the vibrant art scene taking place in Thame. Haddenham and surrounding villages. Each month we will feature poetry ranging from the classics to poems produced by local poets.

There will also be interviews with poets, writers and anyone who is involved in the creative space. If you are a poet, writer or artist and would like to participate in Poetic Beats then please get in touch with Red Kite Radio.

Maybe you would like your favourite poem, or a piece of your own poetry read on air, or would like to talk about your writing or art.  Additionally, if you have an event linked to poetry, writing or creative arts happening in the Red Kite Radio area and would like it featured then please get in touch.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the CONTACT FORM.

The schedule for the shows are:

16th February 12:00

16th March 12:00

13th April 12:00

18th May 12:00

15th June 12:00

Dave Doran

February 04, 2019

Dave has been working with Red Kite Radio for over a year presenting the Poetic Beats segment within Howard Bond's afternoon show. Dave is now presenting this as a monthly show on Saturday afternoons. 

Dave's favourite poet is Philip Larkin, here's a blend of the two.

Dave merged with Philip

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