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This is the Red Kite Radio blog, a diary of our achievements and events we've been involved in.
All comments and information here is strictly copyright, Red Kite Radio and Media Ltd.

August 2019: Trying to think of things for the children to do during the summer holidays, Annie suggested they use the Red Kite Radio Voicebox to promote local events.

Annie's daughter Olivia was listening to our volunteer promotion, you know the one that starts "I'm Chas from Chinnor..." added “and I’m Bateman from Risborough” and then continued to talk along to the AD which made Annie laugh and then thinking, how about you guys make your own promo for Red Kite Radio?

Alfie 13, Olivia 13 and Tahliya 9 have all grown up together as they are neighbours actually more like brothers and sisters. Both Alfie and Tahliya are very involved in Theatre, Acting and TV, so they were more than happy to give this a go, especially as Olivia joined Risborough Youth Theatre at the beginning of the year.

They got together in our studio one Tuesday afternoon and recorded the promo below, the only problem I have now is controlling all their ideas they now have !

As mentioned they call them selves the Juice Gang as all their middle names begin with J! AJ, OJ, TJ. So why not get involved with Red Kite Radio yourself.

Summerfest 2019

By September 06, 2019

5th July 2019: Once more we were happy to promote, support and sponsor this annual event. It's through Summerfest that Red Kite Radio was born and we're forever grateful to the Haddenham Beer Festival Trust for their support which we try to repay each year.

Once again the day went well, the weather was quite good though a little chilly for some. No rain thankfully. The bands were great and the food too but of course the Beer was the best part. What a selection. 

Here's our team and Gazebo on the day.

RKR Team Summerfest 2019Summerfest 2019 Gazebo

Haddenham Fete

By September 06, 2019

11th June 2019: We were honoured to take part in the Haddenham Fete this year. It was a windy day and our Gazebo nearly blew away but we were able to pin it down.

We ran a small competition and two lucky winners won a Red Kite Radio, Radio.

Here are some photos we took during the day.

Annie Luck with Bruce Alexander Haddenham Fete 2019James Kershaw at Haddenham Fete 2019RKR Gazebo at Haddenham Fete 2019Steve Fox at the gin bar Haddenham Fete 2019Steve Fox with Ranvir Singh Haddenham Fete 2019The People Haddenham Fete 2019

“You’d help me out if I need a favour wouldn’t you Steve?”
“Of course, Annie”
“You’d chase a spider out of the bath for me?”
“You’d fight off big dogs?”
“Walk over a bed of hot coals?”
“Fine, here’s your sponsorship form, we go Friday at 7pm”
And that’s how I got conned into walking across burning coals by our new presenter Annie.
So, on the Friday night we arrived at Aylesbury Rugby Club and presented ourselves to the organisers.
Perhaps the most worrying thing of the night was signing the disclaimer saying that you knew that fire-walking was dangerous and if you got injured – well it was tough luck.
We had excellent preparation and training from UKFirewalk and then we went out to face the heat.
Having completed the walk we interviewed many of the people who took part and got some great clips for our breakfast show and a bigger version which you can access below.
Thanks so much to the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, UKFirewalk and all of the walkers who helped make it such an enjoyable night.
Annie and I would also like to thank all our sponsors who allowed us to raise over £450 for this extraordinary charity.
My only worry is what Annie will think up next,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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