Sixty years of Radio Caroline

Howard Bond's celebration of Radio Caroline on Good Friday

If you can remember the days of Radio Caroline you may know that this year sees the 60th anniversary of its inception.

To celebrate this occasion, Howard Bond is presenting a special one-off show on Good Friday (29th March 2024) here on Red Kite Radio to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Radio Caroline, Britain’s first all-day music station, which broadcast from a ship off the Essex coast from 1964 to 1968. Howard’s special show will be broadcast on Good Friday between 4 and 7 pm. He will be playing the top 50 from the end of March 1964 and telling the story of Radio Caroline, how it came about, what was special about it, why it was a huge success, and its legacy.

Radio Caroline was also on the air from 1972 to 1980 (when the MV Mi Amigo famously sank) and again in the 1980s from the MV Ross Revenge. That ship ran aground on Goodwin Sands in 1990 but was rescued and is still going, albeit as a floating museum and as a base for special shows once a month. Radio Caroline is now an Ofcom licensed community radio station and broadcasts to Essex and Suffolk on 648kHz AM from the old BBC World Service transmitter at Orfordness.

If you can remember the original days of Radio Caroline do tune into Howard’s special anniversary show on Good Friday, right here on Red Kite Radio 107.2fm, online at or via your smart speaker.