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New presenter for Red Kite Radio

Red Kite Radio are pleased to be able to announce the Simon Guettier will be joining our team of presenters. Simon will take over the Saturday Morning Breakfast show Starting this weekend at 8 AM with a fun packed show full of things to wake you up for your weekend. Simon has had a long […]

100 community radio stations face closure as Covid-19 hits ads

A third of the UK’s community radio stations could face closure due to the impact of coronavirus without urgent government support, according to the body that represents the broadcasters’ interests. The Community Media Association, which represents the 296 community associations licensed by broadcast regulator Ofcom, is scheduled to hold crisis talks with representatives of the […]

Summerfest 2019

Once more we were happy to promote, support and sponsor this annual event. It’s through Summerfest that Red Kite Radio was born and we’re forever grateful to the Haddenham Beer Festival Trust for their support which we try to repay each year. Once again the day went well, the weather was quite good though a […]

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