The 21st birthday party for Haddenham Beerfest

After 21 years of joyful beer festivals in the summer and winter for the whole community, and hundreds of thousands of pounds raised to benefit local good causes, the Haddenham Beerfest has celebrated with a 21st birthday party.

The invitation only event was held at Haddenham Village Hall on Saturday 13th April 2024 and attendees included those who put the beer festivals together, people who sponsor them, or gain value or contribute towards them.

Three Red Kite Radio presenters were invited to attend; breakfast show presenters Deep Kundhi, John Reid-Hansen and Alan Taberer.

Prior to the party, John Reid-Hansen invited one of the Beerfest trustees, David Finch, onto Sunday Brunch a few weeks ago to talk about the success of Summerfest and Winterfest.

At the party on Saturday Deep provided the background music at the event while John was emcee and Alan assisted with technical support.  All three were delighted to chat with the 300 people who attended throughout the afternoon and evening, and to hear how much they enjoy listening to 107.2fm

Various displays were placed around the hall providing fascinating facts and figures about the beer festivals, listing the number of people who have attended – more than 115,000 to date; the amount of money raised – £450,000; and the good causes who have benefited from grants – and that includes Red Kite Radio.

Your local community station began life as a micro local temporary station in June 2013, on air for two weeks to promote Haddenham Summerfest.  This continued for four years until, with the backing of the community, we were granted a fulltime community radio license and broadened our reach to include Thame, Haddenham and all the surrounding villages, and so our name was changed from Summerfest Radio to Red Kite Radio.  A £5,000 grant from Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust covered the cost of buying essential transmission equipment.

Guests at the party on Saturday enjoyed food and drink, and were encouraged to look at the displays around the hall, which explained the evolution of Summerfest and Winterfest and how much they have both grown and developed to become what they are today – family festivals for the whole community to enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest.

Red Kite Radio Breakfast Show presenter Deep Kundhi has run the Acoustic Stage at Summerfest for four years, and it was at one of these events he met Red Kite Radio Head of Output Chris Long and Sunday Brunch presenter John Reid-Hansen, who invited Deep to think about joining Red Kite Radio.  Deep did so, and his first show, which he still presents, was the Funk, Soul and Dance Show on Saturday early evening.  In addition, he now presents the Breakfast Show on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Deep said the Beerfest party was a tremendous success and ended on a high with the hardworking Beerfest committee singing along to the final song – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

He said: “It was a great finish to an incredible event. Red Kite Radio and the Beerfest are interlinked, we work hand in hand.”