Meet Our Team

All the faces behind the voices

Howard Bond


Howard spent most of his working life in electrical retailing. He presented on community radio in Brill for three years before working on Summerfest Radio and now Red Kite Radio. Originally from Manchester, he has lived in Thame for 25 years and thinks that just about qualifies him as a local

Peter Dawes


Peter is one of the great success stories of Red Kite Radio and shows what working here can lead to, because he now works full time for SKY. After studying Television and Radio at Birmingham City University Peter spent several years presenting at Red Kite Radio, working on several different shows including the Breakfast Show, Drivetime and Saturday Sport. Since going to work for SKY in 2023 he is still a director with Red Kite Radio and a member of the steering committee and occasionally does some presenting.

Sally Poulson


Calm and relaxed, there is no other way to describe this lady. Sally used to be the voice of the late evening show Nice & Easy, and now presents Weekday Lunchbox from 12 noon - 1pm each weekday. She is also one of our directors, the treasurer of the station and a member of the steering committee.

Chris Long

Head of output

Chris joined Red Kite Radio in August 2017, just a few months after we launched. He has been involved in radio for many years. He was a member of Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio for 13 years, initially as the music librarian and then as chairman. He helped run the short term Christian music station, Flame FM, in Aylesbury. He was Head of Music at Coastline FM in Spain, the most listened to English language station on the Costa del Sol. Here at Red Kite Radio Chris's primary job is scheduling the programmes and adding new songs to our ever growing playlist. He is also a member of the steering committee.

Hannah Austin


Haddenham resident Hannah presents the 'Noughties til Now' show at the weekend. A real Nineties kid, Hannah grew up listening to the Pop, Brit-pop and Pop-rock of the Nineties and describes her music taste as 'eclectic' whilst harbouring a secret love for musical theatre and enjoys keeping up with the charts. No stranger to the sound of her own voice, Hannah can often be found on the stage with Haddenham Players, behind the scenes of the Haddenham Youth Theatre and even singing round the campfire with the third Haddenham Brownies.   When she's not showing off on some sort of stage, she'll be scrumming down on the pitch with Risborough Ladies RFC

Karl Braisher


I have lived in Thame since 2003 (so still a newbie to some) with my wife Sarah and our son Joshua; we love it here. I am a full time electrician and work for a large company in High Wycombe. I am experienced in all varieties of radio, which my Grandfather introduced me to as a child when we made a crystal radio set together and I have been hooked ever since. I have been involved in many radio stations both online & offline but my first love is DJ-ing. I also used to do mobile disco’s back in the Nineties which I really enjoyed. Aside from this, I also have an interest in amateur radio and hold my very own license with callsign. I am so excited to be part of a community radio station and where better than Red Kite Radio. Playing my favourite tunes from the Nineties and Noughties dance here on Red Kite Radio, I couldn't be happier. I also created and technically maintain the station website. Get in touch with me I would love to hear from you.

Heather Jan Brunt


Heather Jan Brunt was a founder member of Red Kite Radio, assisting with the Saturday morning show for the first few months. She returned to the station in autumn 2020 and presented The Afternoon Show for two years. In her working life she was a journalist and some of her jobs included being the editor of a national young women's magazine; being the editor of the Harrods website; and being the communications manager of the Irish Football Association in Belfast. During her final working years she decided to work closer to home and wrote the entertainment section for 12 newspapers across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire. At Red Kite Radio Heather Jan presents Saturday Lunchbox from 12 noon through to 1pm,. The show includes Kitchen Corner as food is something very close to Heather Jan's heart - and unfortunately her waistline. She is also the station’s social secretary; a member of the steering committee; and helps Karl with the website, editing the text.

Andrew Duthie


Andrew has been living in Thame since 2013 with his wife and children. He has been working on the Business Park in Haddenham since 2005 and after many a lunchtime stroll round the village, thinks he knows the place pretty well! Andrew has worked on hospital and local radio at various stages in the past since the age of 17. His passions include Liverpool FC and in his view, the greatest TV show of all time - Only Fools and Horses, which is the same age as he is. Andrew presents Saturday Breakfast from 7-10am.

jake gosling


I’ve lived in Princes Risborough all my life and have a wealth of knowledge of the town's history as well as this particular area of the Chilterns. I did three years at college studying film and television and I’m currently completing my university application for Broadcast Engineering. I joined Red Kite Radio in 2023 and read the Sunday news and weather.



Maggie G presents the Afternoon Show in her own inimitable style every Friday.

John Reid-Hansen


I have been surrounded by music all my life and have performed in more venues than I can possibly remember.  I was head choir boy at 10 years old, on stage solo with guitar and vocals at 12, front man in a rock band at 14, in a country band at 18 and have played in folk groups, gospel groups, orchestras and concert bands. I have composed hundreds of pieces of music and have spent many happy hours as a session musician in various recording studios as well as being hands on in the studio control room.  I have been stage managing for the last 25 years, have been music director for theatrical companies and am now a full time teaching and performing musician. To say that I have an eclectic taste in music is a big understatement. I feel privileged to be part of the Red Kite Radio team and have great fun presenting Sunday Brunch between 10.00am and 1.00pm every Sunday. I am also a member of the steering committee.



I’m Paul, and present Drivetime on Wednesday and Thursday here on Red Kite Radio. I have been in radio since 1994, when I joined Radio Cherwell, a hospital radio station in Oxford. I have worn many hats in my time such as programme controller, music librarian, presenter and presenter trainer. I stopped broadcasting in 2013 but remained as a member with Radio Cherwell to pursue a new career as a flight instructor in Coventry. When the pandemic hit and the UK locked down, Radio Cherwell had to look at new ways of broadcasting, and developed a system to allow presenters to broadcast from home. I was asked if I wanted to come back and do a show, so I purchased some equipment and built a home studio and was hooked back into broadcasting. I have worked on a few internet stations as well as Red Kite Radio

Ian Hughes


Ian Presents The Nineties Rewind on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm; and the Mid-Morning Show on Saturday from 10am to 12 noon.



I moved to the Thame area in 2016 from the Chalfonts in South Buckinghamshire. Sport, music and travel have dominated my leisure time for as long as I can remember, and even at my advanced years, I still play five a side (not the walking variety) and tennis every week and cycle and do gym work on top of that. As John Miles said – music was (one of ) my first loves growing up in the Seventies and although legally too young at the time, I spent far too many hours in the night clubs of NW London, even before the Bee Gees made it fashionable to do so  - and now, whenever I get the opportunity to put on my dancing shoes, I grab it – much to the embarrassment of my daughter and son. My mates say I am stuck in the Seventies and Eighties –  Soul and New Romantic are probably my favourite genres but I listen to a wide variety of artists and still go to gigs regularly and love my involvement with Red Kite Radio – both with the News and Weather team and as  presenter on The Seventies Rewind.



I joined the army in 1975 straight from my all-girls school and served until I fell pregnant in 1984. Then, in a brief moment of boredom during the five years when I produced three children and moved house six times, I wrote my first book. Since then I’ve carried on with the books (I have now written two non-fiction books and 21 published novels) but gave up getting pregnant and moving house. I have lived in Thame for nearly 30 years where I am now a town councillor amongst other things. I joined Red Kite Radio in February 2022 and have my own slot reviewing books on the Sunday Brunch show in addition to reading the news during the week.



Growing up in Croxley Green near Watford I was lucky to see many artists performing at Baileys Night Club in the late Seventies through to the Nineties whilst enjoying chicken in a basket! or perhaps listening to DJ Greg Edwards who was a regular DJ on Saturday evenings at Kingham Hall enjoying Funk, Soul and great dance music.    Elton John was regularly seen at Vicarge Road to support the 'Orns, and of course there was George Michael just up the road in Bushey, and Geri, before she became a Spice Girl, being told to turn her music off at the local gym! I left all that behind in 2005 to live in Princes Risborough, so I am still classed as a newbie round these parts. I first tuned into Red Kite Radio in 2018 whilst managing my tiny Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity shop in Haddenham and having a local radio station on the doorstep and knowing most of the presenters made the shop experience even better.





I first got into radio in 1975 when I was one of the co-founders of Hospital Radio Bedford.  I used to produce and present regular programmes but had to give it up when my job moved my wife Gloria and I to Thame and then overseas to Africa and South Asia. I now present The Sunday Afternoon Session and The Acoustic Hour on Red Kite Radio every weekend.

Daryl Ridgley


Hi, I am Daryl Ridgley and I present Red Kite Party Night on a Saturday evening between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. Occasionally I cover for other presenters when they take their holidays so I could pop up and surprise you from time to time. I started working with the team at Red Kite Radio at the beginning of 2023 after spending 30+ years as a mobile DJ and presenter and playing with my band The Time Travellers. I spent a short while at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio many years ago and have since done some time with four other radio stations as a presenter, most recently Chat FM which was Chinnor based. I am married with three children and I live in Chinnor. Musically I like most things but Christmas music would have to be my favourite and then I have a love of Johnny Cash which is reflected through the music we play in the band. But I also love other genres so nothing is off limits for me and you'll find that comes across loud and clear on a Saturday night. So please join the gang every Saturday when Mr Coffee Maker, Mr Producer and myself spin the discs as they used to say, drink lots of coffee and eat lots of biscuits all in the name of entertainment.



My name's Tamsin Starling and in 2023 I finished a Politics degree at The University of Bath. Whilst I was at university, I got involved with The University Radio Bath. My friends and I presented an ad-hoc radio show where I would introduce American country music songs to my friends and we would poke some fun at them. Once I finished university and moved home to Buckinghamshire, I decided to contact some local radio stations to see if I could find a station that would be willing to give me my own country music radio show and in late 2023 I ended up landing a show here at Red Kite Radio! I do genuinely like country music but I also love how ridiculous some of the lyrics are. That is why my show is called 'Un-Ironic Country' because some of the lyrics of these songs sound so ridiculous, you think this has got to be ironic but most of the time, these singers are 100% serious!

Alan Taberer


Music has been central to my life since early childhood. Born to parents who were both deaf, the radio was my constant companion and has remained so ever since. My home town of Birmingham runs deep in my soul even though I left there in 1972 to join the army. It seems somewhat fitting that later in life I am involved in broadcasting my passion to others. Over the years I have been a gigging DJ in Germany and the UK as well as presenting/MC-ing at numerous public events and producing and presenting on other radio stations. My taste in music is somewhat eclectic and has resulted in an extensive and varied collection of tunes over the years... my roots however are early Soul, Motown, Northern soul, Ska and Reggae. Show me a dance floor and I’m there! In addition to presenting Red Kite Breakfast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I am a member of the Red Kite Radio steering committee

Cherry Waller


I love music and have been presenting the Sixties Rewind Show on Red Kite Radio every Thursday evening for the past four years. The songs I play bring back many memories of my childhood and youth! I was brought up listening to the radio and had my own record player and collection of music from the age of five. I listen to music all the time wherever I may be and cannot imagine life without it and enjoy all genres. Give me a pop quiz or music related competition and I'm over the moon.