Are you someone who finds immense joy in music and possesses a deep passion for building community connections? If so, why not consider becoming a volunteer at Red Kite Radio?

Volunteering here demands dedication, but the rewards are great and everyone is welcome to join us.

 The benefits are abundant:

  • Engage in outside broadcasts and actively participate in community events.
  • Forge connections with like-minded individuals at our regular social gatherings, cultivating lasting friendships.
  • Share your passion and expertise, providing a platform to spotlight local events, talented artists, and noteworthy organisations.
  • Develop new skills and expand your knowledge.


Imagine curating playlists and sharing your favourite tunes with our audience. It’s more than just playing music; it’s about building connections and creating vibrant, joyful experiences with every show.

Volunteering at Red Kite Radio promises not just an opportunity to indulge in your love for music and community but also personal and professional growth. One of our presenters has gone on to work professionally with SKY. 

There are lots of volunteer roles at Red Kite Radio – programme presenters, technicians, newsreaders, traffic and travel presenters, behind the scenes support and Outside Broadcast experts.

If you’d like to join our team of volunteers use the form below to contact us

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