You can listen to 107.2 Red Kite Radio in several ways 

You can tune into Red Kite Radio on 107.2 fm in Thame, Haddenham, and the surrounding villages.

You can listen to Red Kite Radio online at, on your web radio, smartphone, tablet or computer. Use the Radio Player Listen Now button at the top of every page or direct via your smartphone.

To listen on Alexa devices, just say “Alexa, Play Red Kite Radio from Tune-In”. On Google devices it’s “Hey Google, Play Red Kite Radio from Tune-In” – or you can tune in directly through the Tune-In app  

You may hear a few Tune-In adverts before you hear Red Kite Radio.

You can also tune in directly through Tune In Player

Here is our stream URL for any other media player:

In your car, if you are in the broadcast area you can tune your car radio to 107.2fm

With Assistant built-in, you can listen to the car radio through a radio app, like TuneIn Radio

For example, if you say:

  • “Hey Google, play 107.2″, Assistant will play that station on the car radio – as long as you are in our broadcast area.

    Tip: Ask Assistant to play a radio frequency, not a station name or call sign.

  • “Hey Google, play Red Kite Radio on TuneInRadio”, Assistant will play that station from your streaming app.

Bookmark us on your mobile

On Android

Step 1: Visit the website

The first thing to do is visit our website

Step 2: Open the menu

When we have the page loaded, click on the icon at the top right of your screen (1st picture) party to leave the menu with all available options.

Step 3: Add it as a shortcut

In this menu, select “Bookmarks” (2nd image) option and will appear in a new screen. That looks marker you want to have on your desktop and click on it to show you a new menu (3rd picture). Now find and click on the “Add shortcut to desktop” option, and you will create the shortcut as an icon on your desktop.

acceso directo android

On IOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Step 1: Visit the website

As in Android, the first thing to do is visit

Step 2: Tap the middle icon

Tap the middle icon at the bottom of your screen (we’ve rounded in red ).

Step 3: Add it to Home Screen

Now press the icon with a plus sign which reads “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 4: Choose how to name it

Choose RKR app as the shortcut and press “Add”.

save bookings ios

On Windows phone

Step 1: Visit the Website

As in Android and iOS, the first thing to do is visit

Step 2: Add it to Home Screen

Click on the menu button on your smartphone and select “Add to Home Screen”

Step 3: Indicate the name of the shortcut

Now a new screen where you have to indicate the name of the shortcut icon will appear. In this case we write “RKR app” and press “Add” and then check that our new book icon appears on your desktop.